How to Hire a Palki for Amarnath Pilgrimage


How to Hire a Palki for Amarnath Pilgrimage

Amarnath is a popular pilgrimage site in India, and the journey to the holy cave is often long and arduous. For those who are unable or unwilling to walk the entire distance, there is the option of hiring a Palki.

A Palki is a covered litter that is carried by four people. It is a popular option for pilgrims who are elderly, disabled, or simply want to enjoy the journey without having to walk.

Here is a guide on how to hire a Palki for Amarnath pilgrimage:

  1. Choose a Palki rental service: There are many Palki rental services available in the area around Amarnath. Do some research to find a service that is reputable and has a good reputation.
  2. Book your Palki in advance: Palki rental services can get booked up quickly, so it is important to book your Palki in advance.
  3. Arrive at the Palki rental service early: On the day of your pilgrimage, arrive at the Palki rental service early to ensure that you get a Palki.
  4. Provide your passport and other identification: The Palki rental service will require your passport and other identification before they will allow you to ride in a Palki.
  5. Pay the rental fee: The rental fee for a Palki will vary depending on the distance you are traveling and the size of the Palki.
  6. Get fitted for a helmet: It is mandatory to wear a helmet when riding in a Palki. The Palki rental service will provide you with a helmet.
  7. Meet your Palki bearers: Once you have paid the rental fee and been fitted for a helmet, you will meet your Palki bearers.
  8. Set off on your pilgrimage: Your Palki bearers will lead you on your pilgrimage, and your Palki will carry you.
  9. Enjoy your ride: Enjoy the ride and the scenery as you make your way to the holy cave.

Here are some additional tips for hiring a Palki for Amarnath pilgrimage:

  • Be prepared for the weather: The weather at Amarnath can be unpredictable, so be prepared for anything. Bring warm clothes, sunscreen, and rain gear.
  • Be respectful of the animals: The Palki bearers are working animals, so be respectful of them and their handlers.
  • Have fun: Riding a Palki is a great way to experience the Amarnath pilgrimage. Have fun and enjoy the ride!

I hope this guide has been helpful. If you have any further questions, please feel free to contact me.

Here are some additional details about the pros and cons of hiring a Palki for Amarnath pilgrimage:


  • Palkis are a comfortable way to travel.
  • Palkis can be used by people of all ages and fitness levels.
  • Palkis can help pilgrims to reach the holy cave without having to walk the entire distance.


  • Palkis can be expensive.
  • Palkis can be difficult to find, especially during peak pilgrimage season.
  • Palkis can be slow, as they are limited by the speed of the Palki bearers.

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